The theremin is one of the first electronic musical instruments. It was invented by Lev Sergeevich Termen (also known as Leon Theremin) around 1919/1920. The instrument is played without touching it, by moving your hands in the air (or rather: magnetic fields) around two antennas: one for pitch; one for volume. It sounds like something in between a singing voice and a bowed string instrument. The continuous scale is a great characteristic of the theremin, but it is also what makes it so hard to play. Try finding your notes on an invisible string and playing them in tune!

I discovered the theremin around 2013. A year or two later I bought my own instrument and started playing. 

I love how intuitive it is to express myself with the theremin, something I missed as a classical flutist when playing “traditional” synthesizers. The way it is controlled with your body acting as part of the circuit, makes the theremin sound organic and very much alive.

It is my ambition to write many new works for theremin in various contexts.

Playing the theremin at my graduation concert (2019). Photo by Nyré Tiessen