About Mieke

I am a musician and maker, born 1993 in the Netherlands. I am fascinated by the machines in our lives and in our heads. How do we relate to them? This theme can be found in most of my work. 
My work is raw and vulnerable. It is diverse in form, from absurdist punk songs to chamber music, or even outside of music. 
I usually start out with a concept in mind; however improvisation, emotion, confrontation and irrationality are important elements of my creative process. 

For me, the theremin is the ideal instrument to communicate the themes in my work and express myself with. All my feelings, fascinations and frustrations come together in this old electronic instrument. It also fits the central theme in my work perfectly, as it is a machine with character, that seems to be alive. I also use the piano, synthesizers, flute and my voice to realise my concepts.